Delphi & Thermopiles

Delphi & Thermopiles

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This tour will guide you through some of the most epic times in Greece history. One of the stops is the ancient sanctuary of Delphi, where famous oracle Pythia was waiting for commanders and emperors to ask her questions about their endeavors. Apparently, she was very successful in this, so they’ve built this mesmerizing complex which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage program. Delphi was considered the center of the world, so you’ll earn some bragging rights by visiting it. Except for Delphic Tholos, you’ll be able to see Temple of Apollo. Amphictyonic Council, Treasuries, Theatre, Altar of the Chians, and much more.

The whole world heard about Gerard Butler and his portrayal of one of the bravest warrior kings of Sparta: Leonidas. The legend says that this commander and 300 of his elite warriors attempted and succeed to save Sparta from Persian invasion in 480 BC. Unfortunately, the Battle of Thermopylae was lost, but the city had enough time to prepare for Xerxes’ progression.

By going on this tour, you’ll be able to see and stand where this legendary battle took place, as well as getting some great photos of the site, and a beautiful statue of King Leonidas. Just spending time at the Hot Gates will get you back through time and you’ll feel what it meant to be a Spartan during their golden age.

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