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Corinth Canal is an unavoidable destination in Greece and a place where two Gulfs meet. The canal was a failed attempt of ancient builders who wanted to dig it through the Isthmus of Corinth and make a way from Gulf of Corinth to Saronic Gulf in the Aegean sea. Since the digging during the 1st century failed, Greeks had to wait until 1881 to try again. This endeavor was also futile, but it was finally completed in 1893.

Due to its geological circumstances, it never achieved desired economic importance. This 6.4 kilometers long and only 21.4 meters wide canal is just a touristic attraction and mostly impassable for modern ships. Nevertheless, it’s a great place for taking photos and a reminder of ancient entrepreneurs.

The next stop on the Argolida tour is the ancient city of Mycenae, an archeological site located about 120 kilometers from Athens in north-eastern Peloponnese. This site was built during the second millennium BC and was a military stronghold of the ancient world. While you’re there, make sure to walk under the Lion Gate, which is the only known monument of Bronze Age Greece. You should also visit the Tomb of Clytemnestra and Treasury of Atreus while you’re there.

The trip will continue at Nafplio, a stunning seaport town in the Peloponnese, where you can spend the night.

The next day will start with a visit to Ancient Olympia, a very important place when it comes to the religious life of ancient Greece. You’ll be able to see the archeological site where the ancient Olympic games were held.

Mystras’ Palace is the next piece of ancient history you’re going to see, which is a fortified town placed near ancient Sparta. The same city was a very important spot for Byzantine Despotate of the Morea during the 14th and 15th centuries, when it experienced cultural expansion and prosperity.

While you’re visiting Peloponnese peninsula, it would be sad to see one of the world’s longest multi-span cable-stayed bridges, also known as Rio-Antirrio Bridge. This wonder of modern architecture was opened in 2004, and its total length is stunning 2.880 meters.

Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus is the last stop on this exciting tour and is a perfect place to sit down and imagine how great must have been the ancient plays. When it comes to aesthetics and acoustics, there’s no doubt that this theater is the best one in the ancient history of Greece, and you’ll have a chance to witness it.

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